Exterior Weatherproof Stickers & Buyer's Guides

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  • Superior Visibility - Custom designed for your dealership, full color and glossy high white, our Exterior Stickers are visually attractive and easily read. Interior stickers are often hard to read through the tint on many vehicles.
  • Superior Durability - Weatherproof Exterior Stickers and Buyers Guides are fully weather tested and will remain high white and bright in direct sunlight without fading. They will not deface if hit with a pressure washer or if put through a car wash. Cold, rain, snow, or heat - no problem.
  • No Roll Down Loss - When a customer on a test-drive rolls down the window, interior stickers will often peel off and need to be replaced. Our Exterior Stickers stay in place during roll up and roll down.
  • No Tint Damage Loss - At time of delivery when the vehicle is sent to detail to be readied for a customer, interior stickers are often removed by porters or detail vendors using razor blades. This leads to tint damage at the worst possible time to have an issue. Our Exterior Stickers adhere to the 'outside' of the window, where there is no tint.
  • Superior Functionality - QR Codes are difficult to scan through windows with tinting. Exterior Stickers make the QRs easily usable for mobile technology devices.



Exterior Window Sticker pdf


Enhanced Virtual Backgrounds

Not every dealership has a dedicated or easily accessible location that provides a quality staging area for automobile photography. Or maybe you just want your inventory photos to 'pop' with studio-quality results. Either way, our Enhanced Virtual Backgrounds (EVBs) are an excellent way to remove background clutter and maximize branding.

  • Multiple Backdrop Options
  • Fully Customizable
  • Provide A Clean And Consistent Look
  • All Photos Hand-Edited For Accuracy
  • Free Distribution To All 3rd Party Websites

Call or Email us today to get started with your own personalized EVB or to browse our current offerings.




Window Stickers & Buyer's Guides

Our full color window stickers are custom tailored to suit the branding and information requirements of our dealership clients. We use only the highest quality sticker stock that not only stays put, but comes off easily when the vehicle is sold.

There are many custom options and specifications that can be modified and displayed to accommodate the marketing needs of your business strategy.

  • VIN Decoded Categorized Options
  • Factory Installed Options
  • After Market Accessories
  • CARFAX Integration
  • goText Mobile Marketing

FTC compliant buyer's guide printing can be set up at a dealer's request. While best practices dictate that this documentation should be properly affixed before the vehicle even appears on the lot, we understand that a system for printing them efficiently is not always in place to do so.


Window Stickers


Custom Image Overlays

Customized image overlays are instrumental in helping your vehicle inventory stand out on websites such as,, and any other 3rd party listing services.

Image overlays can be designed with a number of different enhancements. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Dealership Logo
  • Sales Contact
  • Website Address
  • Dealership Awards
  • goText Mobile Marketing Codes

Call or Email us today for a personalized image overlay quote for your dealership's online inventory.


Image Overlays