Connect. Chat. Convert.

ActivEngage's live chat is a powerful first-party lead generator, providing leading edge communications technology, service, and support. ActivEngage understands automotive online retail and provides an offering that is specifically suited for the needs of automotive consumers.

These are not automated, robotic messages.
Robotic offerings will do more damage than good. ActivEngage chats can automate the first few volleys (greeting, name exchange, nature of the inquiry, etc.), but within a few seconds, a live salesperson from your dealership takes over.

"Shop With Me" technology enables controlled co-browsing.
"Shop With Me" technology lets you lead shoppers around your website, explaining things as you go-a powerful online presentation where you're in complete control! Now you are able to create a true online sales process with steps to complete the sale!

Chat Monitoring with "Whisper" technology allows managers to coach sales representatives.
Managers can monitor their reps' chats and offer suggestions in the same chat screen to enhance the conversation and move it further along the sales process.

This is NOT about instant messaging!


It is ALL about chat intelligence!


ActivEngage offers chat intelligence to help you identify ready buyers and maximize your time spent with them! Imagine watching an up look at several vehicles on your lot before stepping inside--AND knowing what they have looked at before even arriving on your lot, where they live, and more.

Ability to view visitors on your website in real-time and watch as they shop around your site.

  • What do they check out?
  • Where do they linger?
  • What pages do they revisit?

See the search words a shopper used to find your website and the referring URL.
Proactively invite your shoppers into a conversation and deliver just the right message using the same language they used searching online.

First time visitor or returning visitor, with current and previous click paths.
Reviewing shoppers' browsing histories is like having a printout of every webpage a consumer visited to prepare your sales pitch, before they visit the dealership.

GEO/ IP-targeting to identity if the shopper is local, or even a competitor checking out your website.
Location gives you insight into your approach, or if want to give more aggressive pricing to a shopper outside of your local market.

Proactive Chat Engagement offers variable, automated requests to chat.
Active invitations and passive chat options encourage visitors to chat when they are ready.

Add Live Chat to your social media strategy!
ActivEngage allows you to add live chat on Facebook, in email signatures, in the dealership newsletter, and other online communications.

With ActivEngage, incorporating live chat--and chat intelligence--in the overall marketing plan is one of the fastest, most cost-effective ways to increase website lead generation and sales!


Search-Based, Vehicle-Specific Ad Generator For Every Car On Your Lot

AdLogic is a search-based and vehicle-specific online advertisement generator that helps dealers attract buyers with image ads that display throughout the Google ad network. Unlike other ads that randomly appear, AdLogic ads present your inventory based on vehicle-specific content of the page on which they appear:

  • Vehicle-specific ads link to that vehicle’s display page on your website
  • Ads are dynamically generated from inventory feeds (no manual upkeep as vehicles are added and sold from inventory)

Relevancy determines ad placement:

  • Ad presented correlates to the very vehicle that is the subject of shopper searches and online activity

Ads appear wherever shoppers are performing their research online:

  • Search engines (i.e. Google)
  • Related websites & forums (i.e. MotorTrend, YouTube, Oodle, New York Times, etc.)

Relevant ads on search engines and related websites ensure success:

  • High-level Click-Through-Rate (CTR)
  • Lowest Cost-Per-Click (CPC) possible
  • Elevated Google Quality Score (Google algorithm that ranks ad relevancy/quality of experience and prohibits non-relevant ads from completely out-bidding relevant ads)

AdLogic puts your inventory wherever shoppers are online!

More Visitors to Your Site: Traffic from your campaigns is sent directly from the ad to that car’s vehicle display page on your site

Relevant Ads Keep On Giving: Ads which correspond to the content on the sites where they appear dramatically

  • Enhance the shopper experience
  • Boost your rank with Google
  • Cost Less

Lower Cost-Per-Click (CPC): High relevancy campaigns reach the most serious buyers

Inventory Integration: Keyword selection and ads are based on your current inventory

Image Ads: Eight banner ads with flexible designs and messaging are created for each vehicle on your lot

Text Ads: Two text ads are also created for each vehicle

Unmatched Reporting: Transparent and easy-to-understand reports analyze ad spend, placement, ROI, and traffic trends

Full Control: Change your budget, set your radius, and pause your campaigns in real-time

Spread: Your ads can display on thousands of popular websites including Google and YouTube

Set It and Forget It: Ads are created directly from your inventory feed and automatically removed as they are sold, so you never have to maintain your ad inventory

Transparent Spend: With a flat fee payment structure, it’s clear what you are spending with Google

Significant Savings: Ads are created and placed for every vehicle in your inventory at a small fraction of what it would cost you to do it!

eBay Motors

For the first time ever, auto dealers may participate in eBay Motors’ Local Marketplace referral program for a per-referral fee... with no flat monthly fee!
  • eBay is one of the Top 10 most trafficked websites in the world, and has an active community of 90+ million loyal eBay buyers looking for your late-model vehicles!
  • More than 3.9 million passenger vehicles have been sold to date on eBay Motors, as of Q2/ 2010!
  • A passenger vehicle is sold every 90 seconds on eBay Motors!
  • eBay is the trusted way to buy and sell cars locally – easy, convenient, track-able!
  • Exposure is within 200 miles of vehicle location
  • Local Market Classified or Local Market Classified w/Best Offer format are included
Best of all, if you don’t generate anything, you don’t pay for anything.

goText Mobile MarketingPowered by Gumiyo

It is estimated that over 80% of consumers keep their mobile device with them all day long. Furthermore, studies show that consumers in the 18 to 30 demographic communicate even more frequently with each other via ‘text message’ than with a ‘phone call’. In order to effectively connect with this growing ‘Mobile Society’, dealers must embrace new marketing strategies that will place their message directly into the hands of consumers nationwide.
  • Turn your IOL vehicle display into a dynamic mobile vehicle brochure including robust vehicle details, photos, and even on-demand CARFAX reports.
  • Buyers can access your listings anytime, anywhere and connect with you instantly via email, text-message, or phone.
  • Create unique “Go Codes” to brand your dealership’s mobile lot, instantly turning traditional and online advertisements into interactive mobile marketing.
  • All text leads are recorded in a web-based control panel, making both your online and offline advertising work smarter by providing measurable response rates.
  • Viral marketing tools available for consumers to instantly send your listings to friends and other prospective buyers.
  • Printable signs and flyers, website graphics, lead reports, and more.
  • Generate quality leads with every text – including REAL phone numbers. Leads don’t get any hotter than this!

Oodle Pro

Expand Your Facebook Presence!

Many dealers present their inventory just to their existing Facebook fan base. Now, with HomeNet’s Oodle Pro, your inventory is exposed to millions of Facebook Marketplace users as well as your fans.

Consumer-Generated Content Grows Your Social Circle Exponentially!

Comments on your listings from the Facebook Marketplace’s 11 million unique monthly users lend instant credibility to your brand and get your inventory in front of their 200+ friends and networks. And, each time one of their friends comments, your inventory is then presented to that person’s 200+ friends and networks--and on and on!

Plus, with HomeNet’s Oodle Pro, all listings in the Marketplace and social interactions ("Likes" and comments) are tied back to your fan page.

Oodle Pro's Key Features:

  • Integrated Marketplace listings with Dealer Fan Page, My Showroom, and My Listings pages
  • Unlimited premium listings are available through HomeNet
  • Priority placement in search results
  • Friend-of-a-friend indicator on all listings, adding credibility to your inventory and softening every sale
  • One-stop syndication to over 250 classified sites included, like Facebook Marketplace, Military.com, and Walmart.com
  • Automatically tweet your listings
  • Easy to use reporting monitors the impact and value of social media; conversions, traffic, page views, etc.


Best of all, you save hundreds of dollars (up to $300 a month) through HomeNet’s unlimited listing privileges!